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Growing Pumpkins at Ellms Family Farm

Over the winter we plan what type of gourds and pumpkins we will plant in the spring.  The type and the number of each type to plant is always based on the previous year’s comments from our guests on the farm and new types from the seed companies.

After 7-10 days the seeds germinate and the pumpkin plants start to grow.  We now have a pumpkin patch. On Ellms Family Farm we have three pumpkin patches and one gourd patch.  To keep the plants healthy so they will grow beautiful pumpkins, it is important to fertilize and control the weeds as they compete for moisture and nutrients.

After 4-6 weeks the plants are grown and ready to produce pumpkins.

When the pumpkin plant is mature it grows yellow flowers.  There are both male and female flowers that get pollinated by bees.  The female flowers then start to produce pumpkins.