Cut Your Own Christmas Tree in Saratoga Springs!

Come and enjoy the great smells of Christmas – the crisp winter air, the fragrance of fir, on your wagon ride through the country. Choose from four high quality varieties of trees, all grown on our 200 acre farm.

Christmas Tree Characteristics

Fraser Fir

  • dark green needles with silvery underside
  • fragrant
  • excellent needle retention

Balsam Fir

  • dark green needles
  • highly fragrant
  • good needle retention

Concolor Fir

  • medium length
  • bluish green needles
  • excellent needle retention
  • citrusy aroma

Blue Spruce

  • needles range in color from dark green to bright blue
  • sharp needles with stiff branches
  • short green needles
  • stiff branches

Contact Ellms Family Farm in Saratoga

When it comes to cutting your own Christmas Trees near Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, Ballston Spa and Clifton Park, turn to Ellms Family Farm! Come join in the fun and make us part of your family traditions! We look forward to your visit this holiday season!

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Why choose a farm fresh Christmas Tree?

A farm-fresh tree is the best choice when you want to be sure your tree remains fragrant and fresh throughout the season.

Real Christmas Trees are both RENEWABLE AND RECYCLABLE. So give a gift to both your family and the environment!

Choose a REAL farm-fresh tree.

How to choose the height of the tree?

  • 3 times the height of your smallest child
  • 6 inches longer than can possibly fit in your car
  • one foot taller than your tallest ceiling…

… Never think of the height, just buy it!

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree