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Corn Mazes for Kids

We now have three kiddie corn mazes made especially for young ones!

NEW this year is a Storybook Maze featuring “Farmer Garth had a Farm” where each sequential stop has the next page in this story with colorful, easy to read pages you can sing along to!

The Bee Waggle Maze, where you’ll collect different patters throughout and do an interactive dance at the end!

Our Rope Maze provides a unique opportunity for up to 4 teams in a relay format OR fun for just one person.  Each person winds through a given color path by going over, under, and around other paths and people—a great activity for the agile individual!!!

The No Left Turn Maze requires only right turns through the paths of hay bales.  It might mean circling around but it CAN be done!

How pretty the Hedge Maze is!  Relax as you stroll through a labyrinth of fir trees.  Make your way into the center where you’ll find a new path out of the Hedge Maze—a chance to get lost, but only in thought!

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